Yellow-brown, Segmented Worms Found in Pool are Mealworms or Wireworms

"We started seeing an infestation of dead worms/worm-like creatures around the edge of part of the pool," reports this reader in a small town outside Sacramento, California. The worms in question appear to have segmented, yellowish bodies, and have small legs protruding from one end of their bodies. Continue reading [...]

Black Soldier Fly Larvae Found in RV

"I found black soldier flies and larvae in my home," states this reader in her submission. These critters were found in her bathroom, kitchen and on her bed, and our reader asks that we tell her how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Incredibly Long, Brown Worm is a Hammerhead Worm

"What the heck is this?" asks this reader about the brown, striped organism pictured below. "It's easily 10-to-12-inches long, and found in Greenville, South Carolina." Continue reading [...]

15, Dark Green Caterpillars Found by Glass Door are Armyworms

"I have found over 15 of these caterpillar-looking things crawling along my carpet and baseboards," states this reader in his submission. The organisms he is referring to appear to be a dark green color, with brown speckles on their patterned backs. Continue reading [...]

Clear Worms Roaming on Bed are Flea Larvae

"What are these worms? What should I do about this?" asks this reader about the transparent worms she and her sister found on their bed. After cleaning their room and killing insects that they found, our reader discovered no possible cause for the presence of these insects. Continue reading [...]

Reddish-pink Worms Found in Pool are Either Earthworms or Tubifex Worms

"Not sure what these worms are that I found in my pool after heavy rain," states this reader in Florence, South Carolina. The worms in question appear to be a pinkish-red color, and are 1-2-inches in length and very thin, according to our reader. Continue reading [...]
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