Reader Believes She Has A Parasite

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A reader just reached out to us because she believes she is suffering from a parasite. She says she is always sick, and she thinks the parasite is “invading her skin.”

She sent us some photos, which we will share. The orange creature in the photo featured above the title of this post is one she said she found in her underwear. The other three photos (shown below) are of creatures that she found either on herself or in the bath:

parasite on q tip



The photo with the Q-tip allows us to grasp just how small this creature is. Based on that image, we assume that the other two have been taken from a close distance. There are a handful of parasites that might infect a human, most of which are minuscule, and many of which cause severe symptoms.

Since we are not medical professionals, just worm lovers, we cannot give any medical advice to our reader about how to handle this situation. We encourage her to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

In summary, a reader wrote to us because she thinks she has a parasite. We are apologetic that she is sick, but we are unable to give medical advice and recommend she go to a hospital.





Article Name
Reader Believes She Has A Parasite
A reader just reached out to us because she believes she is suffering from a parasite. She says she is always sick, and she thinks the parasite is "invading her skin."

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  1. Karen Goode

    I had a doctor called me laughing mimicking me how I was crying after I ate Screwworms by not knowing they were in my food. I became very very ill they did nothing but joked about it and milk the insurance I had passing me around in a circle of 3 doctors where are the cultures? They wouldn’t take cultures of anything I lost so much blood They were like you need a blood transfusion but just take iron come back in 2 weeks. It is sad how the Doctors are not trained for things like this they need to go back to school and learn some more about how to treat a situation like this instead of negative answers. It some how is a joke to them and the patient is suffering.

  2. vee

    I’ve been to drs since may. 7 of them. Not one looked at it u derm microscope. Not one helped. However my veterinarian did and confirmed it was something. Not scabies or mites . the drs want to milk the insurance it seems or they are all narrowminded. Sunshine and gnc have some products that have helped but I feel that the drs have knowledge and power to help but they are not cari g enough to do it while I rot. If I were a dog I would be cured in 15 minutes. Local farm supply might work .

  3. John

    Damion your best bet is to go to a nutritionist who can do a blood scan and prescribe natural products that will get your system cleaned up

  4. Damion

    How does a person not only find out about what kind of parasite it is, but also how to conquer them? Seems doctors are very reluctant to help, which in my opinion is a very serious issue. I would term my lawsuit- negligent malpractice deriving from ignoring and/or misdiagnosis. These parasites, based on some minimal web searches I’ve done, can do a lot of harm. Sometimes the results can be fatal. So why are the doctors neglecting people with complaints of this nature?

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