Tiny Green Worm Found in Packaged Organic Lettuce

A reader asked us about the creature she found in a package of organic romaine lettuce. We believe the organism is some species of caterpillar! Continue reading [...]

Worm On Bed Sheets Is Nothing To Worry About

One of our readers found a brown caterpillar on his bed. We weren't able to provide a specific identification for the creature, but we don't think it needs to be a cause of concern for our reader. Continue reading [...]

Worm On Laundry Pile Remains A Mystery

One of our readers found a mysterious larva on his pile of dirty laundry. We aren't sure which type of larvae he is dealing with, but we think it might be a clothes moth larva. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms on Kitchen Blinds Are Moth Larvae

One of our readers discovered a group of tiny worm-like organisms on her window blinds. We believe these specimens are moth fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

Are Worms Found In Shower Tapeworms, Flea Larvae, or Something Else?

A reader reached out to us about a golden worm she found in her hair while showering. Although we are sure the organism isn't a tapeworm or flea larva as she feared, we don't know what it is. Continue reading [...]

Reader in Oregon Finds Giant Earthworms

One of our readers wrote to inform us that he found some rare giant earthworms in Oregon. This is an incredible feat and we are very happy that our reader has shared this worm experience with us! Continue reading [...]
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