Toxic Flatworm or Leech?

A reader's dog accidentally transported a terrestrial flatworm into his kitchen. We are confident that this creature isn't a threat to him or his dog. Continue reading [...]
parasitic worms in stool

Are Worms in Stool Parasitic?

a reader wrote to us about some mysterious worms she found in her stool. We aren't medical professionals and therefore aren't licensed to give medical advice of any kind. Continue reading [...]

What Are Clear/White Worms in Bed?

A reader found some tiny worms in his daughter's bed. We can't provide a identification with 100% certainty, but based on our reader's description and the location of discovery, we believe the worm-like organisms could be flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm on Toddler’s Cardigan Dangerous?

A reader found a small specimen on a clothing item of her daughter. We don't have a picture to confirm, but based on the description she provided, we think she might be dealing with a millipede or a caterpillar. Continue reading [...]

Are Frozen Bloodworms in Freezer Safe?

One of our readers dropped a few frozen bloodworms in his freezer and asked us if it was safe. Since bloodworms are generally considered to be harmless, we believe that it is perfectly safe. Continue reading [...]

Worm Living in Toilet Probably an Earthworm

A reader sent us some photos of a mysterious worm that has been popping up around his home. We are confident that the worm in question is an earthworm. Continue reading [...]
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