Arthropods Discovered Near Toilet

One of our readers discovered two creatures in her bathroom. We believe the creatures are either centipedes or millipedes, but we couldn't figure out which they were based on the photograph alone. Continue reading [...]

Flea Larvae Discovered on Cat Bed

A reader found small black organisms on a bed where his cat sleeps. We are confident that these creatures are flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Beautiful Caterpillar With Long White Hair

One of our readers sent us a wonderful picture and a message about a caterpillar she found in her yard. Although she provided a lot of helpful information, we were sadly unable to identify this creature. Continue reading [...]

Beheaded Larva Remains a Mystery

One of our readers found a pink larva in her home. We weren't able to identify the specimen, but we don't think it is worth worrying about. If any of our readers recognize this creature we invite them to comment below. Continue reading [...]

Small White Eggs Found in Garage

One of our readers discovered some small, white eggs hanging from a step ladder in his garage. We are confident that these are Green Lacewing eggs. Continue reading [...]

How is a Cocoon Different From a Rock? (The Lifecycle of a Butterfly)

We recently heard from one of our young readers, whose aunt wrote to us on his behalf (he is 5 years old). He would like to know how to tell the difference between a "worm seed" and a regular stone. Continue reading [...]
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