Creature Discovered in Shower Basin

One of our readers found an curious specimen in his shower basin. Unfortunately, we don't know what kind of creature he discovered. Continue reading [...]

Are Wolf Worms Contagious?

To summarize, a reader asked us if wolf worms in cats are contagious to humans. While we are confident that it is very unlikely in North America. Continue reading [...]

Wood Boring Organism Probably Beetle Larva

One of our readers asked us about larvae that could be damaging her wood furniture and sent us three great pictures. We are confident that she is dealing with wood boring beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]
Catawba worm

Keeping Catalpa Worms Alive

One of our readers inquired on the best way to keep Catalpa worms alive for a few days Continue reading [...]

Small Larvae on Wall

A reader sent us a photo of a ton of tiny worm-like organisms on her wall in her apartment. We believe the organisms are moth fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

“Worm” on Carpet is Probably House Centipede

One of our readers discovered a worm-like organism on her carpet that we believe is a house centipede. Continue reading [...]
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