“Short Maggots With Legs” Invade Drawers

We believe the organisms our reader found in his kid's drawers are carpet beetle larvae. While these specimens can be a headache to get rid of, he might find some comfort in knowing that they aren't known to carry or transmit human diseases! Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Crane Fly Larva in Garden

A reader reached out to us about a gray worm-like organism she noticed in her garden. We are confident that she has discovered a crane fly larva. Continue reading [...]

Soldier Beetle Larvae Found All Over Porch

We wish our reader the best of luck while dealing with these soldier beetle larvae and encourage her to remember that they are actually doing a lot to help her yard and garden! Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Worm Found in New York Garden

We sadly aren't able to provide any clear answers for our reader about the worm-like organism she found in her garden. If she is still curious about it, we encourage her to send us the link to the article with the picture that she referred to in her message. Continue reading [...]

Getting Rid of Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL)

One of our readers discovered a black soldier fly larva. The best way to get rid of BSFL is to eliminate the food source and do some cleaning! Continue reading [...]

White Worms in Spider Bite

One of our readers sent us photos of a spider bite that he worries might be infected with white worms. We encourage him to see a doctor about this issue since we aren't licensed to administer medical advice of any kind. Continue reading [...]
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