Group of Inchworms on Wall

One of our readers recently reached out to us about a group of organisms she discovered on her living room wall. She took a few photographs, removed the organisms, and then called the pest control company. The pest control company told her the organisms were probably millipedes, however this didn’t sound right to our reader. She did some research and read this article about another reader dealing with a similar situation. She wants to know what these organisms are so that she can figure out if this is a larger problem or an isolated incident. She said that she just moved into her house and moisture has been a recurring theme as issues arise. Here is the first photo:

We have seen groups of larvae similar to this on other readers’ walls and ceilings before. In those instances we thought our readers were likely dealing with some sort of moth fly larvae. So, are these moth fly larvae or something else? Here is a photo that shows a bit more detail:

Although we can’t see too much detail, we do have a better idea of what these organisms look like. They are small and brown. And it appears that they have legs on either ends of their bodies, but none in the middle. We think these are probably inchworms!
Inchworms are the larvae of geometer moths. We aren’t sure why they have gathered on our reader’s wall. There could be some food source lingering there that is invisible to the human eye. We recommend our reader give the wall a thorough cleaning. She should also be sure to seal any cracks or openings in the windows or doorways of her home to ensure future creatures can’t sneak in. Finally, if our reader is dealing with excess moisture in her home, we recommend she purchase and install a dehumidifier to reduce moisture levels! Since most creatures enjoy a moist environment, this might also help make her home less hospitable to worm-like organisms.
To wrap up, one of our readers discovered a group of organisms on her living room wall. We believe these are probably inchworms.
Group of Inchworms on Wall
Article Name
Group of Inchworms on Wall
One of our readers discovered a group of organisms on her living room wall. We believe these are probably inchworms.

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