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Schistosoma or blood fluke. Photo by David Williams (via Wikimedia Commons)

Some Black Worms Can Live in the Human Body

Today, we answer an inquiry from a gentleman asking if black worms live in the human body. The answer depends on what he is referring to with the words “black worm.” Continue reading [...]
orange parasite

Reader Believes She Has A Parasite

A reader just reached out to us because she believes she is suffering from a parasite. She says she is always sick, and she thinks the parasite is "invading her skin." Continue reading [...]
tiny, skinny brown worm in carpet

Horsehair Worms

One of our readers wrote in and told us that she was having issues with horsehair worms. She keeps finding them in her hair and wants to know how she can get rid of them. You can get rid of these worms if you do find them in your by washing your hair regularly and simply by picking them out. Continue reading [...]

Do You Need to See a Doctor After Swallowing a Worm?

We received a straightforward, if strangely worded, question from a reader a few days ago about eating worms, or rather inadvertently swallowing a worm. The question is quite short, and can be quoted (with some crucial punctuation added) in its entirety: "I swallowed a worm by mistake while eating dadles - I'm at risk? Do I have to see a doctor?" There's at least a couple of questions in here, and we aren't sure how to make sense of every part of it, but at bottom the reader is clearly concerned with the implications of swallowing a worm. We will therefore focus on whether or not it is dangerous to swallow a worm, and whether doing so mandates a trip to the doctor. Continue reading [...]

Of Heartworm and Humans

A reader asks, “How do you get heart worms in the human heart?” Naturally, we at All About Worms are not medical professionals of any kind and our statements should in no circumstances be taken to constitute medical advice, but we do believe we possess a set of knowledge items germane to this reader’s concern. The reader asks specifically about those types of worms, if any, which may invade the human heart, a concern which is understandable both because of its obvious consequences for human health and due to the fact that popular accounts of heartworm tend to center on its occurrence in dogs and other animal hosts. Continue reading [...]

Screw Worm Infection

We received an alarming email from a reader very recently and decided we must address it before some of the other questions that have accumulated (even though we will get to all them). The reader claimed to have screw worms - that is, she is infected with screw worms (sometimes spelled as one word, "screwworms") - and she is obviously quite concerned about this. She is wondering what she should do, and the answer we give to someone with a screw worm infection is the same answer we give to anyone with a medical condition: seek medical care. Worms are our forte, so we certainly know a bit about screw worms, but anything we say should not in any way be construed as medical advice. That said, we can supply a little information about screw worms and the problems they cause, and it may be of assistance to our reader with the (potential) screw worm infection (but, again, it should absolutely not replace medical care). Continue reading [...]