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Worms Under Leather Settee Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader reached out to us after discovering what she thought might be carpet beetle larvae under her leather settee. We have confirmed her suspicions and provided some steps for getting rid of carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worm Under Dog Bed Is Probably Moth Larva

Our reader found a worm-like organism under his dog's bed that we think is either a pantry moth larva or a palm flower moth larva. Between these two options, we believe it is more likely that he is dealing with a pantry moth larva. Continue reading [...]

Is Reader Dealing With Carpet Beetle Larvae Infestation?

We believe that one of our readers is dealing with a carpet beetle larvae infestation. Although these larvae aren't dangerous, they can be quite annoying to get rid of since eliminating them requires intense dedication to a daily cleaning regime. Continue reading [...]

Worm On Bed Sheets Is Nothing To Worry About

One of our readers found a brown caterpillar on his bed. We weren't able to provide a specific identification for the creature, but we don't think it needs to be a cause of concern for our reader. Continue reading [...]

Worm On Laundry Pile Remains A Mystery

One of our readers found a mysterious larva on his pile of dirty laundry. We aren't sure which type of larvae he is dealing with, but we think it might be a clothes moth larva. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms on Kitchen Blinds Are Moth Larvae

One of our readers discovered a group of tiny worm-like organisms on her window blinds. We believe these specimens are moth fly larvae. Continue reading [...]
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