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Worm Found in Dog Food Might Be Indian Meal Moth Larvae

One of our readers found a small larvae in the dog food bag she opened. We believe she has discovered an Indian Meal Moth Larva. Continue reading [...]

Small Pink Worms in Kitchen Probably Indian Meal Moth Larvae

A reader found light pink "worms" in the kitchen cabinet where he stores food. We believe these are Indian Meal Moth larvae, which are common kitchen pests that eat stored foods. Continue reading [...]

Critters on Ceiling Are Likely Pantry Moth Larvae

One of our readers discovered tan larvae in her kitchen and on the ceiling. We believe they are pantry moth larvae! Continue reading [...]

Pinkish “Worm” With Brown Head and Legs

we believe our reader might be dealing with some Indian meal moth larvae in her home. Although she found both larvae near her children, we don't think the creatures came from them. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found After Vacation is Indian Meal Moth Larva

One of our readers found a "worm" in her home after returning from vacation. So, what is this creature and how can she get rid of it? Continue reading [...]

Little Yellow Worms are Indian Meal Moth Larvae

One of our readers found some yellow larvae in his storehouse. We believe these larvae are Indian meal moth in their larval stage. Continue reading [...]
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