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Worms in Basin Could Be Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers discovered drain fly larvae in her basin while flossing. If she accidentally ingested any of the larvae she shouldn't worry because they aren't known to transmit human diseases or cause harm. Continue reading [...]

Common Worms in Toilets That Aren’t Parasitic

A reader asked us if the organism he found in his toilet came from his body or if it was already living in the toilet. Since there wasn't a photo or a description, we can't answer our reader's question. However, we have described three common specimens that are found in toilets, and our reader might be dealing with one of them Continue reading [...]

Worms Hanging From Bathroom Ceiling Are Inchworms

A reader discovered worm-like organisms hanging from his bathroom ceiling. We are confident that he is dealing with inchworms. Continue reading [...]

Drain Flies Discovered in Blocked Toilet

A reader sent us a picture of a few black worms he found in his toilet. We are confident that these specimens are drain fly larvae, not parasitic worms like his wife was concerned about. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Shower is Drain Fly Larva

One of our readers discovered black larvae in his shower. We believe these are drain fly larvae, which breed and feed in shower drains! Continue reading [...]

Worms in Shower Likely Drain Fly Larvae

A reader discovered small black worm-like organisms in his shower. We are confident that these organisms are drain fly larvae, which despite living in filth, are not known to spread any human diseases! Continue reading [...]
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