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Front Door Visitor is Carpet Beetle Larva

Recently we received a photograph from a reader who had found a worm or caterpillar near the rug that sits near her front door. The critter was sitting near her cat. The reader wonders if we know what this creature may be. She also asks if the creature poses any risk to her family, and how to dissuade it and any of its friends from visiting her home in the future. Continue reading [...]

Worm-like Creatures on Ceiling Are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

Today, our story begins with a letter from a woman who has a rather perplexing situation. She sleeps upon a high bed, close to the ceiling. Several times, she has noticed small worms or larvae on the ceiling, right above her head! Continue reading [...]

Creature in Dog Bed is Likely a Beetle Larva

A reader has found a small, worm-like, critter in his dog’s bed and he is wondering what it might be. He has sent a photograph showing the worm near a dime, so that we can get a sense of the worm’s size. Continue reading [...]

“Worms” near Catfood are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

We received a plea from a reader who has been having problems with teeny tiny worms hanging out near her cat’s dry cat food. Though she is not necessarily seeing them in the food, they definitely seem to congregate there. She also notes, interestingly, that they excrete a grey, dust-like substance. Continue reading [...]

Bug Covered in Small Hairs is Carpet Beetle Larva

a reader found a carpet beetle larva in her home. As long as she finds and removes the primary food source and keeps her home clean, it shouldn't be too difficult to get rid of these creatures.Continue reading [...]

Super Tiny “Worm” on Bed is Carpet Beetle Larva

A reader found a "really super tiny skinny worm like bug" in her bed. She said the worm looks brown in the middle and darker at the ends. Although the photograph she sent us is quite blurry, we think we know what the creature is! We believe the specimen our reader found is a carpet beetle larva!There are three different species of carpet beetle that we write about: varied carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, and black carpet beetle. All three species of these beetles and their larvae look slightly different. Based off of the photo, we believe our reader has found a furniture carpet beetle larva. Here is an up-close photo of a furniture carpet beetle larva that we have from another reader:Carpet beetle larvae inhabit dark, undisturbed locations where they eat a variety of dead Continue reading [...]