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Carpet Beetle Larva Found in Bed. Man says, “Ick!”

Today, we will address a question from a man who found a rather unwelcome bedmate amongst his sheets. He snapped a picture of it, and wonders if he has found a carpet beetle larva.We agree with his identification. This is, most likely, a carpet beetle larva.These are one of the most common household pests we hear about, and for good reason. These are known as Dermestids, or skin beetles, because they like to eat the dead skin that is constantly falling off our bodies, and bodies of our pets. If that is the preferred food source, then our houses are the best possible places to live. If you’re a carpet beetle larva, a human household is kind of like a bountiful forest in which food, literally, falls from the sky.While we know that no one wants to find one of these in their beds, Continue reading [...]

Friendly Carpet Beetle Larvae Found in Dog’s Bed

We have received a query from a reader who is curious about the small larvae that she has found in her dog’s bed. She does not think that these critters come from her dog because the dog had not been in the bed for quite some time when she found them. Below are two pictures, one taken with a flash and one without.Our reader is correct that these little critters are not coming from her dog, though they are there because of her dog. Frequent readers will know that we will identify these as beetle larvae. Given that she found these guys in her dog’s bed, we believe that she has encountered members of the order Dermestes, also known as “skin beetles” or, more commonly, “carpet beetles.”Why are we so sure of this? The hint is in the name “skin beetle.” These beetles Continue reading [...]

Creature on Desk is Not a Tapeworm

A reader found a small, wriggly critter on his desk. He took a couple pictures of it, and is wondering if we can identify it. He notes that he has two indoor dogs, and wonders if this little fellow could be related to them. His specific concern is that it may be a tapeworm. Continue reading [...]

Front Door Visitor is Carpet Beetle Larva

Recently we received a photograph from a reader who had found a worm or caterpillar near the rug that sits near her front door. The critter was sitting near her cat. The reader wonders if we know what this creature may be. She also asks if the creature poses any risk to her family, and how to dissuade it and any of its friends from visiting her home in the future. Continue reading [...]

Worm-like Creatures on Ceiling Are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

Today, our story begins with a letter from a woman who has a rather perplexing situation. She sleeps upon a high bed, close to the ceiling. Several times, she has noticed small worms or larvae on the ceiling, right above her head! Continue reading [...]

Creature in Dog Bed is Likely a Beetle Larva

A reader has found a small, worm-like, critter in his dog’s bed and he is wondering what it might be. He has sent a photograph showing the worm near a dime, so that we can get a sense of the worm’s size. Continue reading [...]
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