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carpet beetle larvae on clothing

Hundreds Of Worms On Couch Remain A Mystery

One of our readers reached out to us about hundreds of worm-like organisms she found on her couch. We weren't able to identify the creatures since there was no photo or description, but we think it is possible she is dealing with carpet beetle larvae. If our reader doesn't think this is a match, then we encourage her to send in photographs or additional details about the creatures. Continue reading [...]

Brown Segmented Worm is a Carpet Beetle Larva

One of our readers sent us a photo of a brown organism she needed help identifying. We are confident that the creature is a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Kitchen Drawer are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader discovered some carpet beetle larvae in a drawer in his kitchen. Since this is the only place he found the larvae and he effectively cleaned it, we don't think he has anything to worry about! Continue reading [...]

Reader Might Be Dealing With Carpet Beetle Larvae Infestation

One of our readers discovered carpet beetle larvae in a few places in her apartment. We are afraid she might be dealing with a small infestation. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Carpet Beetle Larvae Under Sofa

One of our readers found several brown organisms under her sofa snacking on a cat treat. We have identified these specimens as carpet beetle larvae! Continue reading [...]

Worms Coming Out of Carpet are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader discovered carpet beetle larvae in her mattress. Unfortunately, she will need to dedicate several hours to cleaning in order to say goodbye to these pests. On the bright side, they are harmless even if their presence is annoying. Continue reading [...]
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