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Is Reader Dealing with an Infestation or a Single Worm?

One of our readers discovered a brown "worm" and wondered if it was a single sighting or if she might be dealing with an infestation. We weren't able to determine how many are in her home, but we think the creature might be a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Can Carpet Beetle Larvae Cause Allergies?

One of our readers found carpet beetle larvae in his home. While we don't think they are causing his nose-related allergies, we do think they could be living under his carpeting. Continue reading [...]

Could Bugs in Bed be Carpet Beetle Larvae?

One of our readers discovered a worm-like organism in her bedding. We think the creature might be a carpet beetle larvae, which are some of the most common specimens found by our readers! Continue reading [...]

Worm on Socks is Probably Carpet Beetle Larva

One of our readers discovered a brown worm on one of her socks, which we have identified as a carpet beetle larva. The most effective way to get rid of carpet beetle larvae is to clean. We hope our reader is able to say goodbye to these annoying visitors! Continue reading [...]

Are Carpet Beetle Larvae Causing Bites?

One of our readers might be experiencing a skin rash from carpet beetle larvae that are living in her bed and closet. If she is worried about the skin irritation, we recommend she see a doctor. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm in Laundry Hamper a Maggot or Carpet Beetle Larva?

One of our readers discovered a carpet beetle larva on her laundry hamper. We have advised her to start a daily cleaning regime in order to get rid of these creatures. Continue reading [...]
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