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Front Door Visitor is Carpet Beetle Larva

Recently we received a photograph from a reader who had found a worm or caterpillar near the rug that sits near her front door. The critter was sitting near her cat. The reader wonders if we know what this creature may be. She also asks if the creature poses any risk to her family, and how to dissuade it and any of its friends from visiting her home in the future. Continue reading [...]

Black Worms Dropping from Australian Ceiling are Shrouded in Mystery

A reader from Australia requested assistance in identifying some worms he’s found in his bathroom. He says that they are 3 mm – 4 mm (0.11” – 0.15”) long, black, and drop from the bathroom ceiling on threads. Once they land, they walk end over end. It is summer in Australia and he says that the temperature is around 40 ? (~104?). He would like to know what they are because they are freaking him out. Continue reading [...]

“Worm” in Shower is Likely a Larva

We received a query from a reader who found a worm in his shower. He would like to know what it is, and if it is harmful. He has included a photograph to help us identify it. Continue reading [...]

Creatures in Drain are Drain Fly Larvae

Every once in a while, we get a picture from a reader that makes us say, “Oh my goodness! This is such a cute creature!”This is not one of these times. While the critters in the photographs below are interesting and a marvel of evolution, it’s a stretch to refer to them as cute. Instead, we’ll use the term “distinctive.” Continue reading [...]

“Worms” in Tasmanian Toilet are Drain Fly Larvae

A reader has written to us all the way from Tasmania, Australia. He would like some information about some worms that he found in his toilet. He says that they are all less than one-inch long, very skinny, and appear to be living quite happily in the toilet water. Continue reading [...]

Worm-like Creatures on Ceiling Are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

Today, our story begins with a letter from a woman who has a rather perplexing situation. She sleeps upon a high bed, close to the ceiling. Several times, she has noticed small worms or larvae on the ceiling, right above her head! Continue reading [...]