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“Worms” Around House Could be Carpet Beetle Larvae

We believe one of our readers has found carpet beetle larvae in her home. While the presence of carpet beetle larvae is certainly annoying, our reader should know that the larvae don't pose any threat to humans or pets. Continue reading [...]

Small Creatures are Carpet Beetle Larvae, Not Silverfish

A reader found carpet beetle larvae in her home. As most of our site visitors know, we write about carpet beetle larvae every week, and we are confident that our reader can say goodbye to these unwanted visitors with some dedicated cleaning. Continue reading [...]

Carpet Beetle Larvae Lurk Near Dog’s Kennel

A reader found a few carpet beetle larvae near her dog's kennel and in her mud room. We have provided some steps to take in order to get rid of these larvae. Continue reading [...]

Tiny White “Worms” In Bathroom Faucet are Drain Fly Larvae

A reader found small white "worms" in her bathroom faucet. We think these "worms" are probably drain fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worms in House are “Something Out of a Horror Movie”

One of our readers found brown worm-like organisms all over her house. Sadly, we are stumped as to what these critters are and how they are getting into her home. Continue reading [...]

Millipedes Occupy the Bathroom in New Home

One of our readers is finding millipedes in her bathroom. While the presence of them can be unsettling, she shouldn't worry too much about them. Continue reading [...]
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