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Carpet Beetle

“Worms” near Catfood are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

We received a plea from a reader who has been having problems with teeny tiny worms hanging out near her cat’s dry cat food. Though she is not necessarily seeing them in the food, they definitely seem to congregate there. She also notes, interestingly, that they excrete a grey, dust-like substance. Continue reading [...]
Little Guy on Corner of Toilet Paper Crop

Critter in the Bathroom is Probably a Beetle Larva

We received these pictures from a woman who found the little critter in her bathroom sink and photographed it on a corner of a piece of toilet paper. She reports that it moves like an inchworm, its head appears large for its body, and that it has many tiny legs. In addition to finding the little guy creepy, she is concerned that it may be related to a recent lice epidemic in her child’s school. Continue reading [...]
Millipede curls up in tight circle

Hard-Shell Worms that Curl Up Probably Millipedes

One of our readers has asked about "hard shelled worms about 1/2 to 1 inches long that curl into a tight circle when touched. What are these?" Without a photograph, description of where in the house (or the world!) he found it and any additional physical description, we think he's writing to us about millipedes.Read more about brown and black worms that curl up tight hereMillipedes are arthropods, not insects, of the type Myriapoda (meaning "myriad" or 'uncountably numerous' feet --"pods.") As you can easily imagine, the name comes from the up-to-four feet per segment that can be found on their bodies. They all have a single pair of antennae, simple eyes and a mouth on the underside of the head and are known for their shiny hard bodies. All prefer to live in moist areas and feed on Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Bug Covered in Small Hairs is Carpet Beetle Larva

a reader found a carpet beetle larva in her home. As long as she finds and removes the primary food source and keeps her home clean, it shouldn't be too difficult to get rid of these creatures.Continue reading [...]
drain fly larva

Worm in Toilet Bowl Probably Drain Fly Larva

One of our readers found a specimen in her toilet bowl. We aren't 100% convinced that it is a drain fly larva, but we think it is a good match! Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Laundry Room Might be a Millipede

One of our readers found a black specimen curled up in a towel. We think she might have found a millipede! Continue reading [...]