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Kittens Leave behind Flea Eggs and Larvae

A reader wrote to us because she believes her kittens were shedding flea eggs and larvae around her house. We agree that this is occurring, and we encourage her to take the kittens to the vet to be treated. Continue reading [...]

Are Brown Worms Carpet Beetle Larvae?

A reader discovered some brown worm-like organisms on her carpet and mattress. We are confident that these specimens are carpet beetle larvae! Continue reading [...]

Are Worms on Bed Flea Larvae?

A reader discovered some small worm-like organisms in her bed. We aren't sure what the creatures are, but we recommend that she clean, clean, clean, and also that she take her cat in to get treated for fleas if she thinks it has them! Continue reading [...]

Creatures in Bathroom and Pantry Could be Moth Larvae

We believe our reader probably discovered moth larvae in her bathroom. She has already cleaned the area, and that is the best way to say goodbye to these creatures. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Dark Grey Worm in Toilet

A reader found a grey worm in her toilet. We don't think it is a parasite, but we think she should get checked out by a doctor just in case because she was experiencing symptoms. Continue reading [...]

Dark Brown Worms Might be Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers found a few dark brown "worms" in her home. We think these creatures might be carpet beetle larvae, which are some of the most common specimens we write articles about! Continue reading [...]
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