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Man May Have Mold-Eating Larvae in His Room

Today we will try to help a reader who is having some issues with black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) in his room. At least, he thinks that is their species. He has included a photograph. Continue reading [...]

Red Creature Staining Carpet is a Bloody Mystery

A woman in the United Kingdom has written to us with a rather odd query. She has found something that may be a larva in her flat (apartment). The little critter is about 1/2" (~13mm) long and seems to be leaking red liquid. In fact, it has stained our reader’s carpet. She would like us to tell her what it might be. She has attached the following picture:It is difficult to tell from the photograph what sort of critter this might be. However, there are very few worms or larva that ooze any kind of blood or other red liquid. Our blood is red because it contains hemoglobin. According to the UCSB ScienceLine website: Hemoglobin is a protein that forms a complex with iron molecules and together they transport oxygen molecules throughout the body. Iron has the property of reflecting red Continue reading [...]

Mold in House is More Worrying than Larvae

A woman wrote asked us about some creatures she found about in her bathroom. She says that she vacuumed two days ago. She also mentions that she is experiencing a mold problem in her bathroom. Continue reading [...]

Larvae in Laundry Room Remain Unidentified

Recently, we received several amazing photographs of a couple of creatures. Our reader, who submitted them, says that he found them in his laundry room. He describes them as caterpillars or larvae that are about 1/2” (~1.25cm) long. He would like us to help him identify their species.Identifying larvae and caterpillars is notoriously difficult. This is because all larvae change appearance as they move from one instar to another. Also, many species’ larvae look alike. So, two larvae of different species may look more alike than two larvae of the same species in different instars.Many larvae are fussy eaters, so it is often easiest to identify a caterpillar or larva by its eating habits. However, we do not know of any larvae that eat laundry, so that method will not help Continue reading [...]

Case Bearing Moth Larva Found On Wall

A reader wrote to us freaked out by a teeny-tiny visitor she found in her house. First, she saw a strange thing on her wall, near the ceiling. It looked like a bit of fluff or debris, but then it moved. She took a picture for us: Continue reading [...]

“Worms with Shells” are Case-bearing Moth Larvae

Today, we will discuss an email from a woman who has found an unusual creature in her room. She describes the creature as being less than an inch long. She also says that it has a single black line around that head, which she describes as black or dark brown. The oddest thing, she says, is that seems to be carrying some sort of shell with it. This shell appears to be hairy and looks a bit like a cocoon. Continue reading [...]
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