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“Carpet Worms” are NOT Carpet Beetle Larvae, Maybe Earthworms

A reader continues to find worms in her carpet despite cleaning it with a machine. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Unused Toilet Likely an Earthworm

One of our readers discovered a worm in her toilet. We believe it is an earthworm and she shouldn't worry about finding it. Continue reading [...]

Worm Swimming in Toilet is Probably Earthworm

A reader found a brown worm in his toilet. We think the organism in question is an earthworm! Continue reading [...]

Worm in Toilet Bowl Could be Ascaris Worm or Earthworm

A reader discovered a long worm in his toilet. He thought it might be an Ascaris worm, which is a parasite. If it is not an Ascaris worm, we think it might be an earthworm. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Kitchen is Earthworm, Not Centipede

One of our readers found a long, red worm in his kitchen. We have identified the specimen as an earthworm. Continue reading [...]

Worms Found in Wood Chips Probably Safe

One of our readers dug up some tiny reddish worms. We believe they might be wireworms or another type of larvae, and we don't believe they are unsafe! Continue reading [...]
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