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Reader Shocked to Find Earthworm in Toilet

A reader was quite freaked out to discover an earthworm in her toilet. We recommend she move the worm outside, where it can burrow into some soil and be happy! Continue reading [...]

Worm in Toilet Probably Earthworm

One of our readers discovered two worms in her bathroom, one on the floor and one in her toilet. We are confident these creatures are earthworms! Continue reading [...]

Worm in Ice Cube Might be an Earthworm

A reader discovered a worm in an ice cube from a fast food restaurant chain. We believe the specimen she found was an earthworm. Continue reading [...]

Shiny Worm Might be an Earthworm

We the creature our reader found might be an earthworm. However, we aren't completely confidentĀ  because we were unable to identify some significant earthworm characteristics like segmentation and a clitellum. Continue reading [...]

Worm Crawling in Bathroom Could be Earthworm

A reader reached out to us because she discovered long, brown worms crawling around her bathroom. We think these might be earthworms! Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Toilet is Likely an Earthworm

one of our readers discovered a reddish-brown worm in his toilet. He was worried that it came from him. While we aren't medical professionals, we believe that this worm didn't come from his body, and that it is an earthworm. Continue reading [...]
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