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The Perfect Temperature for an Earthworm

One of our readers reached out to us with this question: Do earthworms have a temperate gland? To answer this question, we will dedicate this article to exploring the ideal environment for an earthworm and discussing how an earthworm regulates its temperature. Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered Inside Doughnut Bag

A reader sent us a few photographs of a worm he found in a bag of donuts. We aren't sure what the specimen is, but we are confident that it isn't parasitic. Continue reading [...]

Dried Worms on Floor of New House

One of our readers discovered some worm-like organisms on the floor of her new home. We think the creatures might be dehydrated earthworms that have crawled in through a small opening in her home. Continue reading [...]

Red Worms in Pakistan Probably Just Earthworms

A reader discovered two red worms on his shoulder while taking a shower. We believe these worms are earthworms, but they might also be bloodworms, as it can be hard to tell the difference between the two in a photograph alone. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm Used as Fishing Bait a Bloodworm?

One of our readers asked us to identify a bloodworm she used for fishing in Maine. Sadly, we don't know the species of this marine bloodworm. Continue reading [...]

Worms Entering Bathroom Through Crevice Could be Earthworms

A reader sent us a video of brown worms she found in her bathroom. We agree with our reader that these could be earthworms. However, we aren't totally positive about this I.D. Continue reading [...]
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