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Is Worm Used as Fishing Bait a Bloodworm?

One of our readers asked us to identify a bloodworm she used for fishing in Maine. Sadly, we don't know the species of this marine bloodworm. Continue reading [...]

Worms Entering Bathroom Through Crevice Could be Earthworms

A reader sent us a video of brown worms she found in her bathroom. We agree with our reader that these could be earthworms. However, we aren't totally positive about this I.D. Continue reading [...]

Small Red Worm in Toilet Likely an Earthworm

A reader discovered a small red worm in his toilet. We are confident that the creature is an earthworm. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm in Toilet Earthworm or Parasite?

A reader discovered a worm in his toilet that we believe is an earthworm. However, since he did mention he was worried it might be a parasite, we encourage him to see a doctor if he is stressed about his health. Continue reading [...]

Reader Discovers Dead Worms on Floor

One of our readers discovered some dead worms in her home. We think these worms might be dead earthworms or just severely dehydrated black worms. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Bathroom is the “Infamous Earthworm”

A reader discovered a brown worm in his bathroom that he thought might be "the infamous earthworm." We agree with him, the creature is an earthworm! Continue reading [...]
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