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Reader Finds Mealworms in Bathroom

One of our readers has been discovering brown creatures in her bathroom. We believe the specimens are mealworms, which are usually considered to be household pests. Continue reading [...]

Brown Segmented Worm is a Mealworm

A couple of days ago, a reader reached out to us because he continues to discover a brown worm-like organism in his hallway every day for the past week. He wonders what kind of creature he is dealing with. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Bread

We just received a cryptic message from one of our readers: "Why was this worm we found in my bread?" The reader didn't include a photo with her question, so we have no idea what the worm in question looks like, or if it is even a worm. Continue reading [...]
larva in drawer

Worms or Larvae in Kitchen Drawers and on Counters

A reader wrote to us recently about some worms she is finding in her kitchen drawers and occasionally on her kitchen counters. For several reasons, we know that the "worms" in the drawers are actually larvae, so we'll drop the word "worm" from here on out for the sake of accuracy. The larvae were identified as "carpet bugs" by a "carpet guy," who told the reader she needed to steam clean her house (naturally) and use some sort of pesticide. This is where the reader's email ends - she actually doesn't ask any question - but we are assuming she at least wants to know what the larvae in kitchen drawers are, and once we arrive at an identification, we can briefly touch on the matter of getting rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Do You Need an Exterminator to Get Rid of Mealworms?

A reader wrote to use recently with a straightforward question: "How do you get rid of meal worms in a pantry?" She is further wondering if you need an exterminator to get rid of mealworms (or "meal worms," as the reader put it, which is correct as well), or if she can handle getting rid of the worms herself. Presumably, the reader is dealing with mealworms in her pantry, or else she is just curious about mealworm infestations in pantries. In any case, we do have some helpful information for getting rid of mealworms, which in normal cases should not require an exterminator. Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva

Tiny Brown Worms in Laundry, Bathroom, and Kitchen

A reader wrote to us about some tiny brown worms she has been finding in various places around her house, including her laundry basket, her bathroom, and her kitchen counter. When the reader says "tiny," she means it, as she only estimates the worms to be about a quarter of an inch (or six millimeters) in length. The reader says that the worms look like the "ones found in old baking flour," although she herself hasn't found them in baking flour. She is wondering what the tiny brown worms are, and she is also wondering how she can get rid of them. Continue reading [...]
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