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Got Bit By a Worm, Now What?

A reader recently reached out to us after she was bit by a worm. She said the worm "looks like a maggot but has a black dot on its head." Our reader wants to know what to do after being bit. Continue reading [...]

Pile of Yellow Worms are Sciaridae Larvae

a reader sent us a photograph of translucent yellow worms with black heads. The larvae are clumped in a pile. We believe what she discovered are Fungus Gnat Larvae moving from one environment to another! Continue reading [...]

Are Carpet Beetle Larvae the Enemy of Bed Bugs?

A reader thinks he may have found a carpet beetle larva or a bed bug in his carpet. Without a photograph or description, we cannot determine which one it is. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Mealworms in Bathroom

One of our readers has been discovering brown creatures in her bathroom. We believe the specimens are mealworms, which are usually considered to be household pests. Continue reading [...]
black and gray larva that bites

Grey Worm Bites Man in Germany

We recently heard from a reader writing us from outside of Germany. He explained that he was bitten by a small grey worm in an outdoor restaurant. Continue reading [...]

Brown Segmented Worm is a Mealworm

A couple of days ago, a reader reached out to us because he continues to discover a brown worm-like organism in his hallway every day for the past week. He wonders what kind of creature he is dealing with. Continue reading [...]