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Keeping Mealworms Away From Radishes

One of our readers asked for advice to get rid of mealworms. We have supplied a few solutions that don't include pesticides! Continue reading [...]

Could Mysterious “Worm” be a Mealworm?

One of our readers discovered a small larvae in his home. We think this might be a mealworm, but we aren't totally sure. Continue reading [...]

Could Worms Found on Leather Couch be Mealworms?

One of our readers has been discovering worm-like organisms on his leather couch. We think the specimens might be mealworms, or some other type of larvae. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What is Worm on Shower Curtain?

One of our readers found a beige worm-like organism on her shower curtain. We think this might be a maggot, but we cannot confirm this identification without a photograph. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Kitchen is Mealworm

A reader discovered some skinny worm-like organisms on her stovetop. We are confident that these creatures are mealworms. Continue reading [...]

Did Reader Find Worms in Black Beans?

A reader found some worm-like organisms in a batch of black beans she was making. We think the specimens might be bean weevil larvae! Continue reading [...]
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