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grub larva

Brown Worms in Rice Probably Flour Bug Larvae

One of our readers discovered small brown maggots in the rice in his home. We believe these specimens are rice weevil larvae, and even if not, the same method for getting rid of these unwanted guests will likely work. Continue reading [...]

Reader Needs Alternative Food Source For Leopard Gecko Colony

A reader reached out to us about food source options for his colony of leopard geckos. We have provided some information on the ideal diet for these lizards, and we see no problem with him introducing black soldier fly larvae as the main food source for his leopard geckos. Continue reading [...]

Keeping Mealworms Away From Radishes

One of our readers asked for advice to get rid of mealworms. We have supplied a few solutions that don't include pesticides! Continue reading [...]

Could Mysterious “Worm” be a Mealworm?

One of our readers discovered a small larvae in his home. We think this might be a mealworm, but we aren't totally sure. Continue reading [...]

Could Worms Found on Leather Couch be Mealworms?

One of our readers has been discovering worm-like organisms on his leather couch. We think the specimens might be mealworms, or some other type of larvae. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What is Worm on Shower Curtain?

One of our readers found a beige worm-like organism on her shower curtain. We think this might be a maggot, but we cannot confirm this identification without a photograph. Continue reading [...]
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