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Did Reader Find Worms in Black Beans?

A reader found some worm-like organisms in a batch of black beans she was making. We think the specimens might be bean weevil larvae! Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Mealworms in Dog Food

A reader found a worm-like organism in her dog's food and water bowl. Based on the pictures she shared with us, we are confident that these creatures are mealworms. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Brown “Worm” is Likely Larva

A reader found a tiny brown worm-like organisms on a piece of paper. We aren't sure what the creature is, but we think it is probably some species of larva. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Getting Rid of Black Fly Larvae

We just received this question from a reader: How do we get rid of black fly larvae? Continue reading [...]

Possible Cutworm Found in Texas Garden

A reader residing in South Texas was looking for a good place to plant her garden, and she found several caterpillars in the soil. She is wondering what type of creature they may be, and if they will harm or help her vegetable garden. She has included a good photograph, which gives us an idea of how big the caterpillar is and its color. Ideally, all caterpillars would stay on the plant that they like most to eat, as food source is often the biggest clue as to a caterpillar’s species. When trying to identify a caterpillar without a known food source, a good first step is to look for identifying characteristics. These include things like hair, legs, special spots or markings, body and/or head shape, unusual colors, and horns or other protrusions. For example, the caterpillar for the Continue reading [...]

Innocent Apricot Tree is Attacked by Apple Maggots

We received a note from a woman who is having issues with her apricot tree. Specifically, her tree is growing a lot of fruit, but the fruit is replete with worms. She would like to enjoy her fruit, so she is wondering what type of worm it is and what she can do about them. She was unable to share a picture, but we imagine it looks something like this: Continue reading [...]
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