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Cat Flea Larvae or Tapeworm?

One of our readers asked us about cat flea larvae in bowel movements. We think what she described sounds more like a tapeworm than flea larvae. We encourage her to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Continue reading [...]

Tapeworm in Dogs and Humans

A couple of weeks ago, a reader commented on one of our posts about tapeworm with significant concern. She wrote that she has a toddler and they had a puppy but they had to get rid of the puppy because they could not treat it properly for tapeworm. When they were still trying to treat it, the puppy was staying on the porch. She is worried that her porch is now covered in tapeworm eggs and isn't safe for her daughter to walk on. She wants to know how she can kill the eggs and make her porch safe. We are happy to provide some information to put our reader at ease! Continue reading [...]

Cat Might Have a Tapeworm

We just heard from a reader who has some questions about their cat. They have found tiny white worms coming from their cat on the bed and the couch. They are concerned about their cat, and would like to know what these worms are and how to handle the situation. Continue reading [...]

Tapeworm in Man’s Brain Found to be Cause of Headaches

No one likes a headache, and each kind of headache is bad in its own way, but you would probably be especially disturbed if your headache was caused by a parasitic worm crawling around your brain for several years. Such was the fate of a British man who recently found out that a one centimeter tapeworm (more precisely, Spirometra erinaceieuropaei) has been living in his brain for the past four years. Continue reading [...]

Treatment for Tapeworms in Humans

"What is the most effective treatment for tapeworm?" That is the simple question we received from a reader, but, as always seems to be the case, we have several ways to complicate it, as the best treatment for tapeworm depends on several factors. First, who is suffering from the tapeworm infection? Is this a human tapeworm infection, or is a dog or cat infected with tapeworm? Also, there are a few different kinds of tapeworm, which also bears on tapeworm treatment options. We can't even leave the word itself alone, as "tapeworm" is often spelled "tape worm," although the latter spelling is incorrect. We're writing an article, not a book, so we'll have to confine ourselves to human tapeworm infections and explore the most effective (i.e., best) treatment for tapeworm in humans. Continue reading [...]

Long, Skinny Worms: Horsehair Worm or Tapeworm?

We recently received several photos of a fairly long, skinny worm that a reader found in his backyard. We have received many questions about long, skinny worms, and every time we do our first thought is that the reader has found a horsehair worm (sometimes incorrectly written "horse hair worms"), as horsehair worms are indeed long and skinny. With respect to our present reader's question, we also think there is a good chance he found a horsehair worm. However, the reader specifically asked about tapeworms (which is also incorrectly spelled frequently - as "tape worms") and was wondering if the creature he found could "burrow" into a body. So, we'll address the reader's concerns concurrently, explaining why we think he found a horsehair worm (and not a tapeworm), and in so explaining it will be clear why there is no need to worry about this worm burrowing into a body. Continue reading [...]