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How to Get Rid of Horsehair Worm?

One of our readers believes that she is infected with horsehair worms. We can't offer any medical advice to our reader, but we encourage her to see a doctor immediately. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Toilet Might be Parasitic

A reader sent us a photo of a hair-like worm she discovered in her toilet that she believes came from her body. We think she could be dealing with a parasite, but we encourage her to see a doctor to learn more. Continue reading [...]

Worm that Causes Burns Might be a Leech

One of our readers has experienced burning skin that she believes may have been caused by green and white worms in her bath water. Continue reading [...]

Do Flies Carry Horsehair Worms?

A reader asked us if flies carry horsehair worms. Since flies are arthropods, and horsehair worms always choose hosts that are arthropods, flies could potentially carry horsehair worms. Continue reading [...]

Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor

One of our readers has been experiencing full body symptoms and finding thread-like fibers in his skin. We encourage him to see a medical professional that is licensed to provide answers! Continue reading [...]

Reader Struggling with Parasites Should Seek Medical Advice from a Travel or Infectious Diseases Physician

One of our readers has been experiencing odd symptoms for about a year. She think she has a parasitic infection. Unfortunately, we are unable to give medical advice, so we encourage her to seek out help from a travel or infectious diseases medical professional. Continue reading [...]
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