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Potential Parasites in Cheek, Eyes, and Hair

A reader reached out to us because of a worm-like parasite she is suffering from. Since we are not licensed to administer medical advice, we encourage our reader to see a doctor for answers. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm on Foot Parasitic?

A reader discovered a shiny brown worm on her son's foot. We don't believe that the creature is parasitic,but we can't say that for certain, and we are unfortunately unable to identify it.  Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Worms Lurk in Couch Cushions

We recently read a long (and interesting) message from one of our readers. It is too long to share the entire thing, so we will do our best to include the most crucial bits. She explained that her husband has a ringworm-like rash on his neck that comes and goes, and its appearance somehow seems to correlate with when he sleeps on the couch frequently. Continue reading [...]

Mortality Rate of Parasitic Worm

We received a message and some photographs from a reader who might be suffering from a parasite. We encourage our reader to visit a doctor as soon as possible! Continue reading [...]

The Attack of the Screwworm

A reader reached out to us because she believes her roommates might be suffering from screwworms. We encourage them to see a doctor immediately. Continue reading [...]

What Worm “Came Out of a Human Being”

One of our readers wrote to us about a worm that came out someone he cares for. We encourage them to visit a doctor since we aren't licensed to give medical advice. Continue reading [...]
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