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Yes, There are Worms that Can Live in the Human Stomach

We received a question from a curious woman who is wondering if there are worms that can live in our stomachs. We are sorry to tell her that there are, indeed, worms that can live in our stomachs. As always, we would like to remind our readers that we at All About Worms are not doctors. We never attempt to diagnose or treat any illness or parasitic infection. Anyone concerned about their health should visit a doctor.It seems that our stomach's acidic atmosphere would prevent worms from living there. However, nature is resourceful. If there is a place where food is available, it is likely that some sort of creature has evolved to live there. What better location than a stomach, where the food comes to you?For example, there is the Anisakis worm. These are nematodes (round worms) which Continue reading [...]

Mother and Daughter May Have Symptoms of Morgellons Disease

We received a rather heart-breakingly desperate letter from a mother who is worried about herself and her 2-year-old daughter. They live in Walker County, AL and she is convinced that they are both infested by worms or another parasite. The symptoms she lists include: Continue reading [...]

Reader Discovers Horsehair Worm on Sidewalk

Recently, we received the photograph below from a reader who was wondering what sort of creature it might be.To us, this looks like a very long, very flexible worm. Almost like a piece of angel hair pasta. This leads us to believe that our reader has found a horsehair worm. While this is not one of the most common species we write about, it is an animal we have written about before.Horsehair worms (phylum Nematomorpha) are best known as parasites that infect arthropods such as beetles and crickets. However, it is actually the larvae that infect hosts, the adult worms are free-living.Perhaps the most interesting thing about the horsehair worm is how the adult gets out of its host. Once the horsehair worm reaches maturity, it attempts to manipulate its host (through ways that Continue reading [...]

Creature on Desk is Not a Tapeworm

A reader found a small, wriggly critter on his desk. He took a couple pictures of it, and is wondering if we can identify it. He notes that he has two indoor dogs, and wonders if this little fellow could be related to them. His specific concern is that it may be a tapeworm. Continue reading [...]

Reader’s Mother May Have Whipworms

A woman wrote to us asking for help in identifying worms that her mother has passed with her stool. She says that her mom has been ill for three years, and that when they sent this specimen to a lab that the lab didn’t find anything. She has included a picture and a video.We want to note, as always, that we are not medical doctors. We do not claim to have any medical knowledge or training and are making no attempt to diagnose or treat any illnesses.However, we thought we would try to give the reader a suggestion as to what this might be so that she can bring the information to her doctor.We are going to assume that this sample was acquired in such a way that there is no possibility that this worm came from anywhere except the mother’s stool. Meaning that this is definitely Continue reading [...]

Want to Get Rid of Them? Just Make Them Uncomfortable.

We received a rather brief inquiry from a reader, with no accompanying picture. The question is: “How do you get rid of them in your home or yard?”Amazingly enough we can answer this question even though we don’t know what critter she’s asking about. In almost every case, our advice to people seeking to remove creepy-crawly-critters is going to include these two steps:Physically remove said critters from the area where you do not want them Make that area in hospitable to that creature (often by removing the critters’ food source)Generally, it really is that simple. If our reader doesn’t want to see so many earthworms, then she can try to provide better drainage in her yard so they won’t want to come to the surface if it rains. If she sees too many carpet beetle Continue reading [...]
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