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Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor

One of our readers has been experiencing full body symptoms and finding thread-like fibers in his skin. We encourage him to see a medical professional that is licensed to provide answers! Continue reading [...]

Reader Struggling with Parasites Should Seek Medical Advice from a Travel or Infectious Diseases Physician

One of our readers has been experiencing odd symptoms for about a year. She think she has a parasitic infection. Unfortunately, we are unable to give medical advice, so we encourage her to seek out help from a travel or infectious diseases medical professional. Continue reading [...]

Are Wolf Worms Contagious?

To summarize, a reader asked us if wolf worms in cats are contagious to humans. While we are confident that it is very unlikely in North America. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Reader Worried About Ascaris Worms and Horse Worms

We heard from a reader who believes she is infected with "horse worms". We recommend that she see a doctor immediately for proper care. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Toilet Bowl Could be Ascaris Worm or Earthworm

A reader discovered a long worm in his toilet. He thought it might be an Ascaris worm, which is a parasite. If it is not an Ascaris worm, we think it might be an earthworm. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Lyme Disease Information

This post provides some information about Lyme Disease for a curious reader. Continue reading [...]
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