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Red Worm Probably Earthworm or Bloodworm

A reader discovered a red worm on her tile floor and in her shower. We believe she is probably dealing with bloodworms. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Toilet are Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers discovered some worms in his toilet bowl. We are confident these are drain fly larvae! Continue reading [...]

Worm in Bathroom is Duff Millipede

One of our readers discovered a small, bristly, worm-like organism in his bathroom. This is a duff millipede! Continue reading [...]

Long White Worm is Likely Horsehair Worm

A reader found a thin white worm on her cucumber plant. We think this creature is probably a horsehair worm. Continue reading [...]

Worm Crawling Up Sliding Glass Door

A reader from Florida found a worm-like organism crawling up his sliding glass door. We were unable to recognize the specimen in question. Continue reading [...]

Dead Black Creature is Probably a Slug

We received some very interesting pictures from a man who found a creature in his living room. The critter appeared to be dried out and dead. It was about 1.25” (~3.2cm) long. Its body was black in color, though its underside was brown. The interesting thing is that it has two or three hook-like appendages around its mouth. He has scoured the internet, but has not been able to identify it. Continue reading [...]
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