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Is Worm Wiggling In Toilet Horsehair Worm or Parasite?

We think the thin white worm our reader found in her toilet could be a horsehair worm. These worms are not harmful or dangerous towards humans! Of course, if we are wrong about when she discovered the worm in her toilet, and think there is any possibility that the worm came from her, then she should seek medical attention immediately. Continue reading [...]

Long Brown Worm Is a Centipede

We believe the worm-like organism our reader found in her room is a centipede. Centipedes are known to bite, so our reader should act with caution when handling this specimen! Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Worm Found in New York Garden

We sadly aren't able to provide any clear answers for our reader about the worm-like organism she found in her garden. If she is still curious about it, we encourage her to send us the link to the article with the picture that she referred to in her message. Continue reading [...]

What Are “Pests” Found Under Bed?

A reader asked us about some worm-like organisms he found under his bed. We aren't sure about the identity of these specimens, but we think doing a thorough cleaning of his room will be the best way to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Worms Found All Over Pennsylvania Home

We weren't able to identify the worm-like organisms our reader found throughout her home, but we think sealing up entryways and thoroughly cleaning her house will be two good steps to take in order to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

“Worm” on Rug is Carpet Beetle Larva, Not Wasp

One of our readers found a carpet beetle larva in her daughter's room and asked if there was an easy way to get rid of these creatures. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae requires a lot of cleaning and dedication, but we believe our reader can conquer this task! Continue reading [...]
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