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“Worm” on Rug is Carpet Beetle Larva, Not Wasp

One of our readers found a carpet beetle larva in her daughter's room and asked if there was an easy way to get rid of these creatures. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae requires a lot of cleaning and dedication, but we believe our reader can conquer this task! Continue reading [...]

Tiny Green Worm Found in Packaged Organic Lettuce

A reader asked us about the creature she found in a package of organic romaine lettuce. We believe the organism is some species of caterpillar! Continue reading [...]

Beheaded Larva Remains a Mystery

One of our readers found a pink larva in her home. We weren't able to identify the specimen, but we don't think it is worth worrying about. If any of our readers recognize this creature we invite them to comment below. Continue reading [...]

Reader Suffering From Worm-Related Health Issues Should See Specialist

We responded to a reader's potentially worm-related health concerns. We can't offer medical advice, but encourage her to reach out to a specialist. Continue reading [...]

Red Worm Probably Earthworm or Bloodworm

A reader discovered a red worm on her tile floor and in her shower. We believe she is probably dealing with bloodworms. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Toilet are Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers discovered some worms in his toilet bowl. We are confident these are drain fly larvae! Continue reading [...]
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