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Creatures on Dubai Beach Offer Little Identifying Information

Today, we’re addressing a question from a reader in Dubai. She writes because she has found some creatures on the beach, and she’s wondering if they are worms. She adds that it is the first time she has seem such critters there, and she has included a picture. Continue reading [...]

Black Worms Dropping from Australian Ceiling are Shrouded in Mystery

A reader from Australia requested assistance in identifying some worms he’s found in his bathroom. He says that they are 3 mm – 4 mm (0.11” – 0.15”) long, black, and drop from the bathroom ceiling on threads. Once they land, they walk end over end. It is summer in Australia and he says that the temperature is around 40 ? (~104?). He would like to know what they are because they are freaking him out. Continue reading [...]

Reader May Have Found a Horsehair Worm in the Woods

Recently, we got a note from a reader who found an interesting critter in the woods. He is wondering if this tiny creature is a member of the family Phasmatodea (he has read about Phasmatodea in a couple articles on our website). Continue reading [...]

Creepy Crawlies on Concrete May be Armyworms

We received a question from a reader who has many little creepy-crawlies on his concrete in his yard. He says that some of his neighbors have a few, but that he has an absolute infestation. What are these little creatures, he wants to know, and wonders if they are related to his olive trees. Continue reading [...]

Dead Worms on Windowsill Are Likely Black Worms (aka Mudworms)

We recently received a query from a reader in London who keeps finding dead creatures on her windowsills and shutters. These creatures look like long black worms, and may be coming into her basement apartment through a gap in the sealant on her window. She has found them to be anywhere from one inch to several inches long. Interestingly, she has never encountered one of these in a living state. She would like to know what these are. Continue reading [...]
spotted snake millipede

Semi-Transparent Worm with Spots is a Millipede

The images of a nearly transparent worm with spots one of our readers sent presented an interesting challenge. Two of these specimens were found in this reader's shower, and he was concerned they had come from him before going down the drain. He was able to take close up photographs with a high-definition camera; even then certain differentiating characteristics weren't immediately clear. We began by addressing the concern that this might be a parasitic worm of some sort. One type of parasitic worm, Ascaris worms, typically present as more white than transparent, without such pronounced ridges or segments. From the photo, it seemed as though the worm had tapered ends. We investigated as though it was an annelid (oligichaetes), or segmented earthworm. A pot worm is a segmented worms that Continue reading [...]