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There are literally thousands of different worm species on the planet today and they play a huge part in helping the earth’s trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables thrive. Continue reading [...]

Irwin the Ice Worm©

Irwin the Ice Worm? Sounds like a cartoon character huh? Well, it is! Sort of. Irwin the Ice Worm©, spelled “Irwin The Iceworm”©, is an Alaskan cartoon character based on real Alaskan iceworms. Alaskan iceworms live in glacial ice. The first ice worms were discovered in 1887 on the Muir Glacier in Alaska. Continue reading [...]


Mysterious iceworms are indeed real and thriving in glaciers and methane ocean beds. Increased interest in iceworms could lead to long-term human survival in the cold. Continue reading [...]
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