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Inchworms Gather on Windowsill

One of our reader sent us a photo of an organism that she found in her bedroom on the windowsill. We believe the creature is an inchworm, or geometer moth larva. Continue reading [...]

“Silk Cream White Worms” May be Inchworms

A man recently wrote to us wondering why he finds “silk cream white worms” in his yard and room after it rains. He did not include any other information or photographs. Continue reading [...]

Black Worms Dropping from Australian Ceiling are Shrouded in Mystery

A reader from Australia requested assistance in identifying some worms he’s found in his bathroom. He says that they are 3 mm – 4 mm (0.11” – 0.15”) long, black, and drop from the bathroom ceiling on threads. Once they land, they walk end over end. It is summer in Australia and he says that the temperature is around 40 ? (~104?). He would like to know what they are because they are freaking him out. Continue reading [...]

Curved Green Worm is an Inchworm

One of our readers found this green worm on one of his patients. We are confident that this green creature is an inchworm! Continue reading [...]

Grey Worms are Inchworms

A reader found small grey worms in his bathroom. We recognized them as inchworms after observing the arched backs and anterior and posterior legs. Continue reading [...]

Can Inchworms Bite?

A reader recently reached out to us and wrote, “I got an inchworm. Can it bite?” Continue reading [...]
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