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Tiny White Worms Coming From Wood Floor

A reader wrote to us because her wooden floor was covered in small, white larvae. We think these larvae are either woodworms or maggots. Continue reading [...]

Wood Boring Organism Probably Beetle Larva

One of our readers asked us about larvae that could be damaging her wood furniture and sent us three great pictures. We are confident that she is dealing with wood boring beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Grub Discovered in Bag of Mulch

A reader found a White Grub, or scarab beetle larva, in a bag of mulch. We aren't sure which species of beetle this larvae will mature into. ? Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Bed Actually Harmless Larva or ‘Grub’

A female reader wrote to use having found a critter in her bed. Typically, when we get a letter about a creature in someone’s bed, it turns out to be a carpet beetle larva. So, imagine our surprise when this one wasn’t. Continue reading [...]
lawn grub

Grub in the Basement: May Be(etles) or June Bug

A reader would like help identifying what the worms she’s finding on her basement floor are. From the picture provided, we think that this is a lawn grub, possibly the larva of a June Bug or Masked Chafer Beetle, (Cyclocephala) which are members of the scarab family. The Masked Chafer Beetle larva is a white grub with a dark stripe on its back with a brown head capsule and legs. When full grown, white grubs are about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long grubs and if our reader stretched one out, she'd find it has irregularly arranged spines on the underside of the last body segment (raster). They are commonly found curled in the C shape and are considered agricultural pests, in part because they really enjoy eating the roots under new turf and can kill lawn installations pretty handily. June bugs Continue reading [...]

White Worm is a Grub

A reader just sent us this photo of a cream-colored specimen that he found on a slate patio in a New York City. It had recently rained when he discovered this creature near his dog. His description is great, so we will include it here: "It's white with a brown 'face.' It looks like it has several antennae at the front end. Although it's a pearly white, its rear 25% looks like it contains something dark or black. It ambulates quite nicely." Continue reading [...]
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