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Worms Take Over Patio In The Pacific Northwest

One of our reader's reached out because her patio, driveway, and garage have been taken over by hundreds of worm-like organisms. Continue reading [...]

What is Long White Worm?

One of our readers sent us a photos of a long, thin worm in a jar. We believe that this is a grasshopper nematode. Thank you to our reader who helped us solve this mystery! Continue reading [...]

Small White Eggs Found in Garage

One of our readers discovered some small, white eggs hanging from a step ladder in his garage. We are confident that these are Green Lacewing eggs. Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered on Pumpkin Flower is Caterpillar

One of our readers found a yellow worm-like organism on a pumpkin flower. We have identified this specimen as an inchworm. Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered Near Bags of Rice Could be a Grub

One of our readers discovered a large grub near a bag of basmati rice. We think the specimen bears some resemblance to a rice weevil grub, but we aren't sure that this is a match because of its large size. Continue reading [...]

Worms Entering Bathroom Through Crevice Could be Earthworms

A reader sent us a video of brown worms she found in her bathroom. We agree with our reader that these could be earthworms. However, we aren't totally positive about this I.D. Continue reading [...]
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