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Worms Entering Bathroom Through Crevice Could be Earthworms

A reader sent us a video of brown worms she found in her bathroom. We agree with our reader that these could be earthworms. However, we aren't totally positive about this I.D. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Bathroom Might be Stick Caterpillar

One of our readers discovered a worm-like organism in his bathroom. We think the specimen might be a stick caterpillar, which is a type of inchworm. Continue reading [...]

What Worm was Found on Sidewalk?

One of our readers discovered a dark brown worm-like organism on her sidewalk. Unfortunately, we are stumped as to what this specimen could be! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What is a River Worm?

A reader reached out to us about some strange "river worms" he is curious about. Sadly, we aren't sure what these organisms are, and our reader didn't provide a picture for further information Continue reading [...]

Worm Found on Bed is a Stick Caterpillar

One of our readers discovered a brown worm in her bed. We believe this organism is a stick caterpillar, but we aren't sure how it ended up in her bed! Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Yellow Larva in Backyard

Our reader discovered a small yellow larva in her backyard. We aren't sure of the species of this larva. Continue reading [...]
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