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Squirming Worms Might Be Palm Flower Moth Larvae

A reader found several worm-like organisms in his studio apartment in Arizona. We believe he is dealing with palm flower moth larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worms Hanging From Light Shade Probably Inchworms

One of our readers discovered tiny brown worms hanging from the light shade in his bedroom. We are confident that these are inchworms. They are not dangerous, harmful, or considered to be household pests so we don't think our reader needs to worry about the presence of these creatures. Continue reading [...]

Dark Brown Worm Invades Terrarium

We received a short message from a reader who found a mysterious worm in the terrarium she built. A terrarium is a collection of small plants growing in a transparent, sealed container. She is curious about what the specimen is, and if it will harm her plants. Continue reading [...]

Worm on Comforter is Palm Flower Moth Larvae

One of our readers discovered a palm flower moth larva on her bed. This caterpillar is harmless, so our reader doesn't need to dwell on its presence. Continue reading [...]

Worm with Interesting Movement Pattern is an Inchworm

A reader sent us photo and a fabulous description of a tiny worm-like organism he found on a wall in his home. We are confident that he is dealing with an inchworm! Continue reading [...]

Red Worms in India Remain A Mystery

Today we will respond to one of our readers in Hyderabad, India. She sent us a bunch of photographs of a mysterious specimen she noticed in her home. She explained that she is dealing with over 50 of these creatures a day and can't figure out what they are. Her two questions are: What kind of worms are these? How can I get rid of them? Continue reading [...]
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