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Long Worm Might be Hammerhead Flatworm

One of our readers discovered a long, thin worm and asked us to identify it. We believe he has found a hammerhead flatworm. Continue reading [...]

Hammerhead Flatworm Discovered in Tennessee

A reader sent us a picture of a long, brown worm with a broad arrow-shaped head. We believe this is a hammerhead flatworm! Continue reading [...]

Thin Red Worm in Toilet

A reader found a worm in her toilet, and wondered if it could be a parasite. We believe the worm she discovered is a hammerhead worm. Continue reading [...]
hammerhead worm

Worm with Triangle Head might be Hammerhead Worm

A reader wrote to us with a great description of a critter he discovered. Unfortunately, we were unable to come up with an identification, but we think this might be a hammerhead worm. Continue reading [...]

Hammerhead Worms Visit San Antonio Home Every Year

A reader and her husband just wrote to us from San Antonio, Texas. For the last three years they find hammerhead worms in their home beginning in March for the duration of one month. After one month has passed, these worms disappear. Continue reading [...]

Hammerhead Worm Found in Shower

We just heard from a reader about a worm that appeared in her shower. She thinks it is a hammerhead worm, and we agree based on the photo she included. She wonders how it would have gotten in her shower. She notes that the bathroom is located near an exterior door. Continue reading [...]
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