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“Worm” Found in Florida Garden Might be a Slug

One of our readers found a green slimy organism in her garden. We believe that the specimen is a slug! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Skinny Worm on Rosemany Plant

A reader found a "brown, skinny, and long" organism on her indoor rosemary plant. Without knowing the species our reader found, we cannot define it as harmless or not harmless. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found on Leg is Probably a Flatworm

One of our readers noticed a black worm on her leg. We think this is probably a land planarian, or it could be a leech! Continue reading [...]

Thin Red Worm in Toilet

A reader found a worm in her toilet, and wondered if it could be a parasite. We believe the worm she discovered is a hammerhead worm. Continue reading [...]

Thin Brown Worms Discovered in Strawberry

One of our readers grows strawberries on the ground in her yard. Recently, she found a cluster of worms inside one of the strawberries. This is the first time this has happened, and while she is curious about what kind of worm this is, she is more eager to learn if these worms are dangerous if consumed by humans or animals. She has dogs and cats and she isn't sure if this is a cause for concern. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found Near Feral Cat is a Flatworm

A reader asked us to identify a worm she discovered in her feral cat's territory. We believe the worm is a terrestrial flatworm and that it is not harmful to her or her cat. However, if she is worried about the cat's well-being she should take it to visit the vet. Continue reading [...]
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