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Creature on Bathroom Floor is Centipede

A reader discovered a creature in her bathroom. We believe it is a centipede!  Continue reading [...]

Worms Found In and Outside of Home are Millipedes

A reader sent us a photograph of a specimen she has been finding around her house. We are confident that she is dealing with millipedes! Continue reading [...]

Reader Discovers a Millipede Infestation

A reader wrote to us about an infestation of millipedes he is experiencing. To get rid of millipedes, he should make his yard less hospitable for these arthropods. Continue reading [...]

“Worm” on Carpet is Probably House Centipede

One of our readers discovered a worm-like organism on her carpet that we believe is a house centipede. Continue reading [...]

Millipedes Invade Home

A reader found his home suddenly serving as a guesthouse to several millipedes. Continue reading [...]

“Worms” In India are Millipedes

A reader reached out to us about some creatures he discovered in his home in India. We agree that he is dealing with millipedes. Continue reading [...]
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