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Worms in Bathroom Likely Centipedes

A reader has found several worm-like organisms in her bathroom. We think these specimens are centipedes, which thrive in dark and damp environments. Continue reading [...]

Worms That Appeared After Rain are Millipedes

We believe that the creatures our reader discovered in her home and garage are millipedes! These arthropods often appear after rain because their habitats have flooded and they are migrating. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Living Room is a Millipede

A reader discovered a small, brown worm-like organism in his living room. We are confident that the organism is a millipede. Continue reading [...]

Hundreds of Worms on Patio are Millipedes

One of our readers found hundreds of worm-like organisms on her patio and in her garage. We believe she found millipedes! Continue reading [...]

Scooby the Cat Finds a Centipede

In conclusion, we just heard from a reader whose heroic cat discovered a leggy creature in his dining room. We believe this is a soil centipede, and we believe that Scooby is one cute kitty! Continue reading [...]

Creature on Bathroom Floor is Centipede

A reader discovered a creature in her bathroom. We believe it is a centipede!  Continue reading [...]
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