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Worm in Kitchen is Sunflower Moth Larva

a reader noticed some striped larvae falling from his ceiling. We believe these are sunflower moth larvae. Continue reading [...]

Creature Found in Pentas is a Caterpillar

A reader found a light brown caterpillar in her pentas. Despite the great photograph, we were unable to determine the species. If any of our readers recognize this specimen, we invite them to comment on this article! Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Apricot Likely Apricot-Oriental Fruit Moth Larvae

A reader discovered some white larvae in her apricots. We believe these are Apricot-Oriental caterpillars. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Kitchen Likely Caterpillars

One of our readers found two caterpillars in his kitchen. We don't know what species they are, or why they are present. Continue reading [...]

Pink Larva is Palm Flower Caterpillar

One of our readers discovered a pink worm-like organism in her home. We believe this is a palm flower caterpillar. Continue reading [...]
Catawba worm

Catawba Worms as Fishing Bait

A reader asked us how Catawba worms perform as fishing bait. Catawba worms, or catalpa sphinx larvae, make excellent fishing bait! Continue reading [...]
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