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Tiny Brown Larvae on Couch

One of our readers found very small brown worms in her home. She said they were on her couch, among some dirt that was sprinkled around. Continue reading [...]

Cat Flea Larvae or Tapeworm?

One of our readers asked us about cat flea larvae in bowel movements. We think what she described sounds more like a tapeworm than flea larvae. We encourage her to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Continue reading [...]

Dark Worms on Cat

A reader found some tiny dark specimens on her cat and bed. We weren't able to figure out what they were from the photo, but we have a hunch they could be fleas. We recommend our reader take her cat to the vet if she is concerned! Continue reading [...]

Worm Found Near Feral Cat is a Flatworm

A reader asked us to identify a worm she discovered in her feral cat's territory. We believe the worm is a terrestrial flatworm and that it is not harmful to her or her cat. However, if she is worried about the cat's well-being she should take it to visit the vet. Continue reading [...]

White Worm Found in Dirt

A reader asked us whether a white worm she found in her garden was a parasite or if it was normal. We believe it is some sort of insect larva, but we can't rule out it being a parasite because we are not veterinary professionals. Continue reading [...]

Cat Might Have a Tapeworm

We just heard from a reader who has some questions about their cat. They have found tiny white worms coming from their cat on the bed and the couch. They are concerned about their cat, and would like to know what these worms are and how to handle the situation. Continue reading [...]
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