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Did Larvae Sting Reader?

One of our readers recently asked us to weigh in on a situation. She explained that she was in the kitchen when she felt a stinging feeling on her shin and discovered a tiny worm-like organism. She took a photo of the creature (shown below.) She said that she can see through it and has a dark spot and appears smooth. She has a dog so doesn't know if the specimen could have come from the dog or not. She is quite rattled from this situation. She wants to know if we can identify this organism.From the photos, we can see that this larvae is cream colored with a dark spot. Since our reader said it was "see through" it could have a translucent quality, but we can't make it out in the photo. Comparing it to the coin in the second photograph, we understand just how tiny this specimen is! Continue reading [...]

Worms Found in Sarasota, Florida Might be Flatworms

One of our readers reached out to us from Sarasota, Florida. She found a few worm-like organisms on her porch. One creature was alive (featured in the first photo) and the other was curled up and dying (featured in the second photo.) She explained that the living organism was 3-4 inches long, with thin dark stripes on the top and a lighter belly. Here are the photographs she included: She explained that the yard surrounding her porch is mostly mud. It is too wet for grass, but there are plenty of ferns, Mexican petunias, and Mexican Hydrangeas. After finding these worms she dove into internet research and at first thought these creatures could be flatworms. However, she doesn't think they are flat enough to be flatworms. She wants to know if they are poisonous, as her cats Continue reading [...]

Reader Discovers a Millipede Infestation

A reader wrote to us about an infestation of millipedes he is experiencing. To get rid of millipedes, he should make his yard less hospitable for these arthropods. Continue reading [...]

Small Pink Worms in Kitchen Probably Indian Meal Moth Larvae

A reader found light pink "worms" in the kitchen cabinet where he stores food. We believe these are Indian Meal Moth larvae, which are common kitchen pests that eat stored foods. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Could Pet Dog Have Spirocera Lupi?

a reader in Israel is nervous that her dog has been infected with Park Worm. We recommend that she take her dog to the vet as soon as possible. Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered in Bread

We recently heard from a reader who was shocked to find a worm-like organism in her bread as she was spreading mayo on it. Continue reading [...]
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