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Could Mysterious “Worm” be a Mealworm?

One of our readers discovered a small larvae in his home. We think this might be a mealworm, but we aren't totally sure. Continue reading [...]

Drain Flies Discovered in Blocked Toilet

A reader sent us a picture of a few black worms he found in his toilet. We are confident that these specimens are drain fly larvae, not parasitic worms like his wife was concerned about. Continue reading [...]

Worms Found Under Leaves are Centipedes

One of our readers found two creatures under some leaves in Hawaii. We are confident that he has discovered centipedes. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm Used as Fishing Bait a Bloodworm?

One of our readers asked us to identify a bloodworm she used for fishing in Maine. Sadly, we don't know the species of this marine bloodworm. Continue reading [...]

Is Reader Dealing with an Infestation or a Single Worm?

One of our readers discovered a brown "worm" and wondered if it was a single sighting or if she might be dealing with an infestation. We weren't able to determine how many are in her home, but we think the creature might be a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Small White Worms Attracted to Wood

One of our readers discovered tiny white worms on her wood floor. Continue reading [...]
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