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Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor

One of our readers has been experiencing full body symptoms and finding thread-like fibers in his skin. We encourage him to see a medical professional that is licensed to provide answers! Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Living Room is a Millipede

A reader discovered a small, brown worm-like organism in his living room. We are confident that the organism is a millipede. Continue reading [...]

Shiny Worm Might be an Earthworm

We the creature our reader found might be an earthworm. However, we aren't completely confidentĀ  because we were unable to identify some significant earthworm characteristics like segmentation and a clitellum. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Yellow Larva in Backyard

Our reader discovered a small yellow larva in her backyard. We aren't sure of the species of this larva. Continue reading [...]

Worm Crawling in Bathroom Could be Earthworm

A reader reached out to us because she discovered long, brown worms crawling around her bathroom. We think these might be earthworms! Continue reading [...]

Hundreds of Worms on Patio are Millipedes

One of our readers found hundreds of worm-like organisms on her patio and in her garage. We believe she found millipedes! Continue reading [...]
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